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Practice Areas

We have extensive experience in sales tax filing for both NYS and CT sales tax with companies on both accrual and cash basis accounting methods. We also have extensive experience with CT state personal property tax filing and the CT state rental income annual report. For client , we currently make all payroll tax deposits, file the quarterly and annual payroll taxes, prepare all W2s & 1099s. In addition, to printing and filing all payroll reports. We also work with payroll companies that currently do the payroll filing for a larger payroll such as ADP, and Paychex.

Sales, Annual Rental Income, and Personal Property Tax
NYS & CT Sales Tax Filing Expert, Annual Rental Income Filing & Personal Property Tax Filing




Experience with ADP, BDB, Sage Payroll, Intuit Payroll, PrimePay, Compliance Solutions

Experience with hands on payroll calculation, processing, tax deposits, Quarterly payroll tax filings, Annual Payroll Tax filings, & W2/1099 filings

Furnishing of Payroll Reports, Customized payroll reports, Payroll % to Gross Sales Reports




Performance in budgeting and cash flow management. Customized internal reporting catered to clients' needs. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly internal P&Ls, balance sheets, and job profitability reports are our specialty. Payroll % and Subcontractor % are also available upon request. The purpose of internal reporting is for management and business owners to make more effective financial and profitable decisions on a re-occurring basis.



One of the most important aspects in bookkeeping and accounting is that we provide accuracy and ethical services. We believe in separation of duties to prevent fraud and provide accurate work by cross-referencing. We work according to deadlines and believe the key to success is organization and meeting all deadlines. Continuing education is a must and news/events resources is key information to providing high quality work.

Cash Management


Budgeting & cash flow statement are the heart to any company's lifeline. A/R & A/P go hand in hand. Bills cannot be paid if A/R is not collected on a timely basis. A/R will not exist if sales are not created. So asides, from managing cash flow, internal reporting plays a crucial role to cash management. 

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